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Different organs of our body have different functions. How does each organ know what it is supposed to do? Our hormones are responsible for that. They are the chemical messengers in our body that travel to each organ, in our bloodstream. Important processes of our body such as growth, development, sexual function, reproduction and metabolism are regulated by our hormones, which is why an imbalance in these hormones can wreak havoc in our whole body.
You may experience various symptoms such as weight gain, weakness, fatigue, constipation, increased thirst and hunger, anxiety, sweating, blurred vision, puffy face, thinning hair and infertility.
It is important to get hormone testing done, to check if there is a hormonal imbalance in the body.
There is no one common hormone test since some hormones are specific to males and some are specific to females. Depending on the symptoms an individual is experiencing, the doctor will suggest a hormone test to them.
Basic Female Hormones
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 899

AMH (Mullerian Inhibiting Substance) – ELISA, Serum
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 1500

E2 – Female Reproductive Hormone Test
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 399

FSH – Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 249
LH – Luteinizing Hormone
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 290

Sample: Blood
Price: 199

PTH – Intact Molecule Parathyroid Hormone
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 950

Testosterone Total
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 410

TSH Ultra-Sensitive
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 199


Alcohol and Smoking Profile

4499 / Test
  • Sample : Blood/Urine

Kidney Function Test

699 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

Liver Function Test

599 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

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