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Just as every country has its defence system, our body has its defence system too. Our immune system is our body’s army. Without it, we would be susceptible to viruses, bacteria, parasites and whatnot. The immune system protects us from these pathogens, by creating antibodies in our body. Different cells in the immune system perform different functions.

The body’s immune system differs from person to person, but generally, as we grow up, it becomes stronger due to exposure to more pathogens. This is why children tend to get sicker as compared to adults and teenagers.

In humans, there are three types of immunity – innate, adaptive and passive.

If you notice that you fall sick very often, then you might have a weak immune system. Getting an immunity test early-on can determine if you are more susceptible to illnesses. Generally, a blood sample of the individual is taken for testing. The amount of three specific types of immunoglobulins namely IgG, IgA and IgM, is measured as a part of this test.


Full Body Check-up
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 899

Advanced Health Vitals Screening + Immunity Screening
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 2499

Hplus Basic Screening & Immunity Check Package
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 1299


Alcohol and Smoking Profile

4499 / Test
  • Sample : Blood/Urine

Kidney Function Test

699 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

Liver Function Test

599 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

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