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People often overlook the fact that good quality sleep is just as important for their health, as exercising and nutritious food is. Staying up late or not sleeping for an adequate amount of time has a lot of negative side effects on our health.

Sometimes, when an individual isn’t able to fall asleep despite trying various things, they might be suffering from insomnia. It might be the primary issue or it might be a symptom of another underlying condition.

Sleeplessness can occur due to thyroid issues, caffeine consumption, frequent urination, iron deficiency, lack of exposure to sunlight and other such issues.

If you experience insomnia or sleeplessness regularly, then it is advisable to consult with a doctor and get an insomnia test done, on their recommendation since it can lead to headaches, fatigue, sleepiness during the day and lack of concentration.

There isn’t a specific test performed for insomnia, but your doctor may perform a physical check-up first and look for other symptoms. Based on that, you would be recommended to get either a blood sugar test, thyroid test, lipid test or an iron studies test. Your blood sample is taken and sent to the lab for the specific test.


Basic Health Checkup
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 799

Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 199

Iron Studies
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 390

Thyroid Profile – Total
Sample: Blood
Price: Rs. 199

Blood Glucose Fasting
Sample: Blood Price: Rs. 199


Alcohol and Smoking Profile

4499 / Test
  • Sample : Blood/Urine

Kidney Function Test

699 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

Liver Function Test

599 / Test
  • Sample : Blood

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